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Child Safety Booster Seat HB2154
Ignition Interlock Devices Statute

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Cars Behind Bars (New Impound Law)

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GOHS has pursued and supported legislative initiatives on numerous highway safety issues in conjunction with the Governor's Office. The most important since 1995 have been:

  • Aggressive Driver statute, the first such law in the nation to be enacted with reference to this dangerous practice
  • Repeat Offenders - DUI legislation
  • Extreme DUI - definition and penalties .18 BAC
  • Open Containers in Vehicles - expanded criteria
  • Repeal of the Affirmative Defense DUI Loophole
  • Mandatory Interlock Devices for First Repeat Offenders and Extreme DUI
  • Graduated Drivers License - provisional license for under 18 drivers
  • Definition change on mandated Child Safety Seats under the age of five - no weight mention
  • Red Light Running fine enhancement
  • Lowering of Extreme DUI BAC to .15 BAC
  • Double the fines in State highway work zones when workers present