Office Address:
1700 West Washington Street
Executive Tower, Suite 430
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: 602-255-3216
Fax: 602-255-1265
Toll-Free: 1-877 355-3216

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Buckle up Arizona: PD begins seat belt safety campaign

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GOHS Director Alberto Gutier with ARIDE class participants

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The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) is the focal point for highway safety issues in Arizona.  GOHS provides leadership by developing, promoting, and coordinating programs that influence public and private policy by increasing public awareness of highway safety issues.  Programs include speeding, impaired driving, seat belt and child safety seats as well as motorcycle safety and distractions by drivers that cause traffic fatalities and injuries on our streets and highways.  GOHS provides grant funding to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and non-profit organizations throughout Arizona.


Doug Ducey

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AZGOHS Director

Alberto Gutier